New Session, New Opportunities

New Session, New Opportunities!

Dated: 29 April 2023

The secret to get ahead is getting started. Let us remember: one book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world.

Beginnings are always very important as they infuse a spirit of motivation and zeal. New session means new openings and new adventures. Students eagerly await the change of their teacher and the challenges that would follow in the new class whereas the school ensures new ways of creating the best possible environment with the first few weeks always buzzing with joyful and engaging activities.

The new session started by reminding the students about the power of prayers and they were given an insight into the benefits they would reap from praying every day religiously.

Stimulating introductions help students to share experiences and sets the tone for successful classroom management.

In an attempt to improve the classroom bond and harmony, students were encouraged to compliment each other and create a friendly congenial atmosphere. Light hearted, confidence boosting ice-breakers encourage students to give compliments and accept them gracefully too.

Guidelines were defined to foster effective student group work and good behaviour in classroom so as to encourage co-operative learning. Students participated whole heartedly in all the sports and co-curricular activities which helped develop and groom their personality holistically. Moreover, innovative activities and school programmes equipped students with knowledge, skill and aptitude to become active, open minded global citizens.